Sunday, December 3, 2017

Slowly But Surely

This week on Tuesday I attend the Modelling the Railways of Qld Convention Committee meeting and we did some program design for the upcoming convention in October next year.  At the end of the evening, it looked like I was volunteered for a presentation, just when I thought I got away scott free.

Oh well.  This upcoming convention should be a ripper.  I have been planning my session at a very high level outline already.  I have 12 months to put it together.

I have also been doing bits and pieces this week to help complete the Old Cassino Good shed.  So finally on Friday night it was completed.  Friday started off with mowing the lawn in between showers.  So after that was complete, I then concentrated on the models for next weekend.  The goods shed had a final extension completed and painted and it was all put together.  However, I decided not put it on a diorama.  It is on a base, but that is all.

Next it was a revisiting of PK's shed.  It didn't take long before I realised that the glue I used to affix the corrugated iron to my styrene on PK's shed had caused the styrene roof base to warp.  So, back to the drawing board and I made up a new styrene base for the roof.  This time I used aquadhere to affix the corrugated iron to the roof base.  I they had to reattach the gutters and the down pipes, and that took no time at all.

The next task was finding the decal settling bottle in the shed.  Well I eventually found that and I am ready to get into that sometime this week.  I then started to think about the venetian blinds that the FAM coach needed.  Well I decided to make up a tool from an old AMRM article from Ian Black (I think).  Well it actually worked.  It was 12 knife blades that I draw across the clear styrene.  I will cut these up and fit them while watching the cricket over the next few days.

I still need to complete a few loads for my container flat.  Again a task for this week.  It better be, as time is running out.  Luckily I'm on holidays so should have some time up my sleeve.

I could not get motivated this weekend to progress anything.  Too many family activities.

However, slowly but surely I am completing these models.

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