Sunday, October 1, 2017

It's All Coming Together

In two weeks time the Model Railways for a Day Seminar is being held in Brisbane at the AMRA Clubrooms.  Attendance is by prior registration and costs $30 and includes lunch and notes.  This event being put on by the organisers of the Modelling the Railways of Queensland Convention team after feedback from attendees at last year's MtRofQld Convention that there was a need for an entry level/beginners seminar.  So we responded to that request.

Yesterday PK come over and we went down to Bunnings and picked up the items we needed to make 24 dioramas the size of an A4 sheet of paper that we will hand out to attendees of the Seminar.  PK and I spend about 5 hours in the hot sun putting these small dioramas together.  Today I painted the backboards on most of the dioramas as a base coat.  At the Seminar, attendees will learn about baseboards and scenery construction (Terra forming), we will then help them make an outdoor dunny from styrene, to sit under a tree which they will make, learn about track and lay a piece of track on their diorama, as well as improve their soldering skills and learn how to solder wires to their piece of track, and then ballast the track and then learn how to apply static grass over the module, and apply some detail in the form of paint to their backscene.  Apart from this, there are also sessions on DCC and JMRI, how to research something you might want to model, How to create operations on your layout, how to get trouble free running, as well as how to's on airbrushing, buildings, and making the layout look real.  

So PK and I have completed the basic work on these diorama so some the attendees can take away a great little diorama that they can do all the practical elements of the hobby on.  We also had Shelton come over and he took a few photos of what the two bearded dorks were doing.  It might have looked like the blind leading the blind, but we did get there in the end.

Today I went a little further on one model.  I scoured out a creek bed and I cut up the wooden components for a bridge that one of the models will have on it.  I got inspired by the latest AMRM issue that had an article about building a bridge.  So I knocked one up using the Data Sheet for a 10’ 6” wooden bridge.  Well it is almost knocked up, I just need to assemble it all tomorrow.  This model is reserved for someone attending the Convention.
Gluing the backboards onto the modules

Is that a message for Shelton?

Hmmm!  What happens next?  What makes it go?

Let's make some sawdust?  Was that your finger PK or mine?

Doing some modules with backscenes on two sides

24 completed modules and the foam to use in the background

Out work area!  Even a reflection of one of the workers in the shot as well as the photographer.

Can we put the foam through the saw?

PK,  If I die first from fumes coming off the foam can you tell me?


  1. If I see you keel over from any foam fumes, you can bet your life, I WILL NOT, be giving you mouth to mouth !!

    1. But that is not what you said to me down at Bunnings!