Sunday, October 8, 2017

All Ready For Next Weekend

The week started with a public holiday on the Monday.  I used that time, to cut up another 4 dioramas for the upcoming Model Railways for a Day Seminar next weekend.  The reason why is that the convener advised that there more than 24 attendees for the seminar.  Whoops!  I think the four extra that I did look quite nice as a base for the attendees of the Seminar to continue working on next Sunday.  I also completed the application of the blue paint for the backboards on each of the dioramas.

On Saturday this week I sat down while watching some Bathurst Motor Racing on the TV and went over all the styrene that I had cut up for the ‘Dunny Building’ session at the seminar.  I completed the cutting up and I have now got 22 completed small kits that the attendees can put together.  Some components have more pieces cut up but I can provide 22 complete kits for those that attend my sessions.

The handout notes for my session have been completed for quite some time.  I will print some copies off during the week.  I also have a single instruction page to go with the ‘Dunny' kits that will be completed tonight.  Again I'll make some copies.

I’m looking forward to next Sunday’s seminar.  Next week I hope to have a few photos from the day posted on my blog.

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