Sunday, January 22, 2017

Working on Container Flats

Last week at the club, a member asked me to make up a dozen 40’ container flats for him.  So last Thursday arvo I went over to my local hobby shop and purchased some styrene shapes.  I had quite a few flats already made up.  I purchased one packets of 2mm channel which I put on the sides of my container flat bases and various size styrene rod packets.  So today I made up five more bases from the packet of channel.  I have half made one end of one base with another 4 single ends to go.  I'm not sure if I will make double ended caged containers.  I decided to get stuck into making up a fully caged/gated flat, so started towards making the 10 side gates needed.  I have completed four and I have made up another 7 gate frames.  I just need to add in the wire uprights in each gate later tonight while watching the cricket on TV.  What I don't finish tonight I will complete over the next two days.

Basically it will take me almost 2 half packets of different sized styrene rod to make up a single 40’ gated flat.  I did not realise there was so much involved.

Yesterday Darren, Geoff, Brendan and myself were joined by Iain at Anthony’s for his first operating session of the year.  It was great.  I did not derail too many wagons while shunting Nankiva when using the single slip points.  The crew were able to put the 4 wheel wagons back on the track and continue operation without advising Control.  The biggest stack of the day was by the layout owner when his train ran through the yard against some points and end up with a few wagons in the dirt.  Once the calamity was spread over social media, the TW’s came from everywhere to get a photo of the situation.  One may even by posted here if someone sends me a photo.

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