Sunday, January 29, 2017

Can't be Bothered with Modelling

So school is back and I had three days off last week.  Monday I took my son to school and Tuesday my daughter.  I was the resident pack horse/chauffer.  My son also had cricket trials on Tuesday afternoon, so I had to take his cricket kit to trials where I met him.  But in between times on Monday I completed the gates for my 40' container flat that I was working on last weekend.

Yes, school cricket season is now here and I have lost all model railway enthusiasm.  Saturday I had to take my son to cricket in the arvo and today with a special activities day at the school oval with various 'A' teams playing other year levels and the 1st's playing the old boys and the 2nd's playing the teachers, we went out for a look and catch up with a few people I know.  So there has been no time for modelling this weekend.

During the week, I have walked past a few projects that are sitting on the table, I stop and look at them, and then keep walking, I just can't get motivated to do any further work on them.  I did however, get enthused by one of my mates posting his progress of his working on an LPG tank setup for the Club layout.  I asked for dimensions of the kit and he sent them through this arvo.  I will look at scratchbuilding one tank out of conduit and then come up with some sort of rounded end.  This will be added to my LPG unloading facility that I will build at Lismore.

I also did some more testing of the NCE fastclock on Thursday.  In the setup we are configuring the NCE fastclock to be master to JMRI and basically it just does not work.  I returned the borrowed raspberry-pi and micro-SD card to my JMRI subcontractor - Greg on Friday, when I went to fire up a copy of his micro-SD card in my raspberry-Pi on Saturday morning it would not work.  Doh!  You would not have guessed that I work in IT?  I’m gonna have to get his micro-SD card back to copy it again.  Bugger!  So that put a severe dent in enthusiasm.

This Friday our local hobby shop is having another modelling night.  So I intend on going and working further on my LPG unloading facility.  I will post some photos of progress next weekend.

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  1. Hi Craig, know how you feel, I haven't touched my Camden layout since July last year. Maybe one day I will get there.