Sunday, October 2, 2016

No Time This Weekend

On Thursday morning I received a phone call at work from the boss.  My Auscision package of Brisbane Limited Sleepers had arrived.  So that arvo I took them out of the package and found a little surprise in it.  Included in the package was an old issue of Australian Railways Illustrated magazine from 2015.  That was a very nice surprise.  Thanks guys!  Anyway, I took the wagons out of the box, and placed them on the track at Acacia Ridge Yard.  I pushed them up and down the track through some crossovers and everything ran well.  I was very happy indeed.

The only issue with this was that I have now had my interest raised into creating an accurate model of the Brisbane Limited.  I still have yet to place my order of the RUB cars from Auscision, which I will do in December when I build up some more monetary credit with the boss.  I knew I had recorded the various consists variations over the years of the Brisbane Limited.  Do you think I could find where I had recorded it?  Not on your nelly!  Anyway eventually on Friday afternoon, after scanning through 24 Railway Digest magazines (I had already gone through about 36 of them the night before), I found the recorded consists of the Expo Express, Gold Coast Motorrail, and the Brisbane Limited.  So I am somewhat relieved.

So on Friday night, I was thinking that I did have a kit for a FAM sleeper stored away in the shed.  I was thinking that I might need to get it out, give it a check out and get into building this over the next few weeks.

On Saturday I went to the local hobby shop to buy some styrene required to complete a couple of outstanding jobs.  Today I have used some 2mm channel to help build 3 more 40' container bases.  But my time is up for the day.  I'm no delivering my daughter to a concert and picking her up duty.  Of course she will be lining up at 4:00pm, The Rugby League Grant Final is on after 6:00pm and I need to pick her up by 10:00pm.  So no time left to post this weekend at my usual time, so this is why I'm getting in early.

I must also thank Arthur, whom sent me a few shots of the Brisbane Limited last night.  These photos showed the train in the ranges south of Brisbane.  These have confirmed to me what end the doors of the sleepers are located.  Arthur was also buying supplies at the local hobby shop yesterday when I ran into him.

I envision that this week I will be completing the current 4 of my 40' container flats, and getting the FAM kit out and cleaning it up ready for building.  I will also be working out if there are any other carriages I need for my Brisbane Limited, that I either do not already have, or are not in the future Auscision RUB set.

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