Sunday, October 30, 2016

Easing Myself Back Into It

On early Saturday morning I went over to the AMRA Queensland clubrooms as they were holding a Buy and Sell table sales event.  I met up with about 6 guys from the Club also in attendance.  Of course there were many other guys that I had a natter with as well.  The event seemed well represented with sellers and they were supported by what looked like a good amount of buyers while I was there.  I ended up not buying anything, but I was tempted by quite a few items.  I need to save up my money for next Sunday which will be the RMCQ Buy and Sell event at our clubrooms which starts at 10:00am.  I also have the Armidale Convention the following weekend where I have a few items in my sights to purchase.  While over at Zillmere, I also had a walk around the AMRA Clubroom Layout as I had not seen it for many a year.

When I returned home, I got back into some modelling activities.  I folded up another 10 blacks tarps.  I then spray painted four tarps a yellow colour and folded them up.  I then did another 6 tarps in yellow today.  These have also been folded up.

I made up another 3 of my 40’ container flat bases and the have drilled holes for the locating of the end wire cages.  I finished off the cages today.  I then gave them a spray paint.  So some of these are ready to be viewed and potentially sold at next weekend’s Buy and Sell.

I also cut up some small pieces of styrene and painted them blue, so I could add a sign that was created in Photoshop for my Murwillumbah Cement Silo.  The sign has been glued with white glue to the blue styrene sheet to form a blue border around the sign.  These are yet to be added to the model.  I first have to make a sort of frame that will attach to the round silos of the structure. 

I then got around to installed some of the detail items on the rail side of the structure.  This included many types of hoses.  These have been glued down to the model's base.

I then turned my attention to working out how I will take my model down to the Armidale Convention in two weeks time.  I found a plastic storage container in the kids play room today and it had nothing in it.  I checked the measurements and you would not believe it.  It fitted perfectly.  I then cut up some pieces of foam and then chocked the model in place, so it will not flip around in the storage container.  I just now have to hope that everything that I and my passengers need to take down to Armidale will fit into my car.

Did I mention that there is a Buy and Sell next Sunday 6th of November at the RMCQ Clubrooms at Buckley Park, Terrence Road Brendale.  Sellers register from 9:00am, buyers let in from 10:00am.

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  1. Craig
    I have a good pic of the blue circle sign at the Tamworth silos if you want .
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