Sunday, November 29, 2015

Still Lighting up the World

I had a short day on Thursday this week and when I got home, my package of 5 pairs of male/female plugs for my LED light strings and 6 Amp power supplies had arrived.  I purchased them on eBay on Monday morning.  They were purchased from a local supplier and you could even select Big-W or Woolworths “Click and Collect” – pretty impressive.

So off to the shed and I attached a female plug to my light string above Clapham Yard.  Connected it to power and Voila!  That works.
Clapham Yard lit by its string of LED lights.

The view of Clapham Yard looking back south.

I then started cutting strings of LEDs for Cougal Spiral.  I used a section from each end of the LED string, and then cut two more lengths for the other two runs.  I then soldered a red and black wire to the ends of the two cut strings and then joined all the red wires and black wires into another female plug.  I then attached that to a power supply and again – Voila – working LED lights. 
Trains heading north around Cougal Spiral get this view.

The view looking south under Cougal Spiral's lights.

Next I decided to head down to Bunnings and pick up 2 x 120mm bolts that I will insert into the ‘A’ frames in the roof of the shed.  This will be above Border Loop.  From the bolts, I will hang two lengths of chain which will be attached to a 5m length of 42 x 18 pine which will hold up my 5m length of LEDs.  The power will be fed down to a power supply and another run of lights on the layout will be complete.  I need a hand with these to hang them from the 'A' frames.

So the next task on the light front is the string above The Risk to be rebuilt.  The old string has been taken down.  The new brackets to attach them to the wall have been installed.  However, upon closer checking, I think the brackets are too small to hold the weight.  So I will need to get some bigger brackets similar to what I used above Clapham Yard.  The string of LEDs from the old lights has been attached to the new pelmet and I just need a hand to attach it all together.
Work in progress above The Risk.

I have also been touching up the model entries for the Club Modelling competition on the 12th of December.  I still have a bit of work to complete on one building.  That should take about 30 minutes, sometime this week.

I have also been putting the finishing touches to the timetable for the December Operating Session.  I just need to look at the Shunt Lists for a couple of trains and move a few goods wagons around.  I still have lots of trains and wagons to check before the session.  In particular I need to test run my passenger trains before the next session as well. I also need to check the bogies on a few recent purcahses to ensure that the bogie screws are not too tight straight out of the box.  I find most are!

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