Sunday, November 8, 2015

Preparing To Put Up More LED Lights

I planned to have Thursday off for a couple of reasons.  My son had his awards night that night and we were going to get there early, and apparently there was some sort of cricket match on.  So being the first day of the first test, I watched it on TV.  Also Darren dropped off a delivery of some wood and plasterers angle. 

So come the weekend and Saturday morning was cricket with my son and watching cricket on TV.  A rather large storm with almost tennis ball size hail stopped any idea of heading to the shed.  We had no issues with the house or the shed. 

Today I got to the shed and put the wood delivered by Darren to good use.  It was used to support the LED lights that will be installed above Clapham Yard and the track that runs into Clapham Yard from Acacia Ridge Yard.  So I attached the supports to the wall and currently have the wood beam where the LED lights will hang from just sitting on top of the supports.  Next week or the week after I will attach the beam to underneath the supports and the lights to the beam.  I use the plasterers angle of a small valance around the LEDs.  I also built the structure that will hold the LED lights above Cougal Spiral.  That is basically complete.  The structure is attached to the inside of the spiral and hangs over, protruding forward.  The next step is to attach the LED strings to the structure, and again add the plasterers angle valance.

I think these structures that I am constructing for the LED lights are working out so well that I am now contemplating changing how I have attached the lights above the section of track from Loco Pilly to Dutton Park and The Risk crossing loop.  This LED string currently hangs off the Loco Pilly to Dutton Park incline.  I am now convinced that I will attach them directly to the wall.  This is a bit of rework, but about an hours work.  Again a job for over the next 2 weeks. 

On the subject of lights, I am also ready to hang the LED lights above Border Loop.  I went down to Masters this arvo and picked up some chain.  This will be used to attach the LED light structure from the ceiling above Border Loop.  Again a task for the next few weeks.

I plan to do these tasks and have everything working before before the next Operating Session in December.  I am also expecting the delivery of some Auscision Newsprint wagons this week.

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