Sunday, November 15, 2015

Royal Visit Followed by a Visit to the Cauldron

I got a phone call from a mate on Friday afternoon and quickly arranged a visit from Royalty.  Rohan Ferguson from Bolivia fame gave me a ring out of the blue as he was down the Gold Coast visiting his daughter.  So addresses exchanged and about an hour later he rocked up at my place for a tour of the empire.

Rohan produces some absolutely brilliant scenery and his rollingstock is not too bad either.  It was good to have a quick 60+ minute catch up with him before he had to return back down the coast for the weekend.

Other than that, my weekend consisted of taking my son to cricket on Saturday morning (with that getting washed out), followed by a trip to the Train Club from lunchtime for our monthly meeting.  While at the Club, I had to nominate my modelling competition entries for next month's Christmas competition.  So I currently have 4 entries arrange.  Maybe sometime in the next 4 weeks, I might have to finish two of them off and fix up something that is broken on a third.  Today entailed a midday trip to Suncorp Stadium - the Cauldron, as my son was running out onto the field to play a game of 4 vs 4 in the half time break of the Brisbane Roar vs Perth Glory game.  Actually his class mates played two games simultaneously, one at each end of the field.

I did however get down to the shed this morning for about an hour.  I was cutting up some wood for the new lights to go above The Risk.  I realized this morning, that I needed to buy some screws in order to attached the next 5 light brackets to the shed frame.  I will pick them up next week so I can complete the lights.  I also did a bit of work adjusting the nails in a couple of sections of track at Acacia Ridge Yard and also in Grafton Yard. 

So I have decided to show a few photos this week.  One is the back yard during the storm that hit two weeks ago.  I have also included a few photos of the year 5 kids at Suncorp Stadium this arvo.
The back yard during the Storm.

Half of the kids running out.

Kyle just scored in front of 11,748 spectators.

A great cross from Kyle and team mate planted that one in the back of the net.  His team mate is already celebrating.

The photo for posterity purposes.

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  1. Royalty.. .hmm that explains the creaking sound I heard. Roh trying to get his head through the front door :>)