Sunday, March 29, 2015

Quiet Weekend Again

This week I have not done anything modelling related until today.  I did spend some time today adding the last few parts to the Model Railway Club’s Medusa Cement Silo that I am building, while I watched the Black Caps try and fend off some very good bowling from the Aussies.  However, I think I spent more time on the floor trying to find a small compressor that fell off the table and disappeared.  I could not find the small part .  On about the 5th attempt at searching for it, when I had to enlist my son’s help, I found it hiding on the far side of the kitchen table's leg.  You always find it in the last place you would look.  Funny that!
With the long weekend this coming week, and the cricket finished – both my son’s and the World Cup on TV, and with soccer season two weeks away, I should be able to actually do some work on my Cement Silo and the layout in the Shed.  Hopefully I will get the bug again.  I seem to lack motivation at the moment.

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