Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Bit of Rain

Yesterday and today we have had some real large downpours.  Yesterday I was stuck in the shed when the rain came and today it prevented me from going to the shed.  But I still got my train fix this weekend.
Yesterday, four of our Tuesday Nighters group were to head over to Anthony’s place for our monthly running session, but at 12:20-ish I got a phone call advising that the day was being cancelled on account of a medical emergency.  Luckily we have since had a follow up email from Anthony and diagnosis has been made and hopefully recovery will be swift with a course of antibiotics.  Our model train running fix will just have to wait until next month.  So as soon as I was contacted by Anthony, I contacted Darren whom was in transit to Shelton’s place to meet Grover and Shelton to car pool to Anthony’s.  However my relay phone call put a stop to that.  Shelton hosted the Tuesday Night crew last Tuesday and he has certainly made some changes.  He has undertaken some radical changes to his layouts and the concept is very good and I think with the use of two auto reversers he will have the foundation of a very nice and operational focused layout.  For those interested Shelton has also updated his blog tonight.  So once hearing about the cancelation news, and with Shelton being on fire with his modelling juices flowing, he chose to continue working in his shed.  Meanwhile Darren and Grover popped around to my place, and got stuck in my shed with the afternoon downpour from the storm.  We also made it wet on the inside by having a drink while the guys were here.  The guys stayed until the rain stopped and then headed home.  But I certainly took some words of wisdom away from Darren that I will investigate over the next month.  It is these modelling meetings that ensure that my own modelling juices continue to flow, and I have an ever expanding list of things to do on the layout.
Today with my daughter heading to Garden City shopping centre (with the boss as chauffeur) to catch up with about a half dozen of her school friends from last year, to shop, lunch and see a movie, provided me with some time to do my own thing while Kyle did homework and played x-box with some mates.  The rain this arvo was again heavy so I decided that with a quiet house, I'd just work on the kitchen table and continue progress on the Walther’s Medusa Cement Silo for our Club HO Layout.  Well I think I have the model in a basic state of completeness.  All the sub assemblies have been done.  It just needs some slight tuning with the items to go on the roof to ensure that the sub assemblies sit as per the locating nipples in the roof.  I will decide in the next couple of weeks if I will spray paint the cement silo myself or just take it to the Club and let someone else have a go at that task.
Plenty of things to consider next week and still plenty of projects on the go.  Maybe I should prioritise cleaning out the gutters on the Shed with all this rain around!  Until next week.

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