Sunday, November 16, 2014

What Happens on Tour Stays on Tour

Well on Friday morning this week Darren, Peter and myself travelled to Armidale to attend the New England Convention.  Down there we met up with our Tuesday Nighters mates, Geoff and later Brendan.  From 5:00pm on the Friday we went to the Convention for the first get together and as we were walking into the Bowls Club where the convention was being held, we saw Dave, Kerry and Dale.  That was the first time we suffered some friendly banter on the weekend.  We got inside and met up with the Toowoomba Trio of Bazz, Bill and Doug - some more banter.  We also met up with the NSW mid North Coast guys and fellow bloggers – Ian, Ian and Andrew.  We also saw fellow Tuesday Nighter Arthur and his lovely wife Kerri.  Of course Kieran was there with his bed mate – in the next room to us.  The next room again at the motel had Stephen and Peter from the Logan Model Railway Club.  We also saw many familiar faces from the New England Model Railway Club and of course some guys from Sydney and met a few new mates from around Kyogle (Steve, Paul and Phil and the other Phil) and of course some other Brisbanites - Peter B, Peter, Ian and George.  We also got to catch up with Rohan from Glen Innis. Who could leave out Al from AR Kits, and it was nice to finally meet two other bloggers Ray P and Peter H.  I did also spoke to quite a few other guys, but can't list them all.
Friday was not that late a night, but Saturday was slightly different.  We eventually had a few guys back to our room until quarter to 2 on Sunday.  Tonight we are going to the White Bull for a meal and a few drinks.
The whole convention was a great event.  I have not laughed so much as we did with (in particular my room mates) the guys mentioned above and the after dinner speaker from Saturday night at the Convention Dinner.  I certainly learned some new techniques, and certainly some new ideas to try to implement back at home on the layout.  The Convention speakers certainly caused us to think about a few things in our modelling life and the layouts present were certainly inspirational.  The Clinic presenters had some good techniques to learn.
I picked up a few items from the shops present.  Thanks everyone for attending as you all contributed towards a very good convention.  I certainly want to try and organise my attendance for the next Convention in another 2 years time.
One of the great layouts present - Bullenbung Creek.

Nice carriages, wagons and scenery.

The water spout on the water tank lowers when the steam loco pulls up next to the tank.  very nicely done.

The other great layout.

A nice Australianised scene with the cockatoo's and a koala up the tree.

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