Sunday, November 2, 2014

Club Buy and Sell

Today two of the Tuesday Nighters, Darren and Grover came over and together we headed over to the other side of town in my car to my Club’s Buy and Sell.  When we got there about 5 minutes before scheduled check in time, the place was packed with sellers already setup and club members getting things ready and running trains of the two main layouts.  Luckily I was able to grab a table and so did Darren and Grover.  Right between us was fellow Tuesday Nighter - Barry.
There was absolutely stacks of NSW gear for sale.  There were at least 6 sellers there.  Pricing was really, really good - way less than what it is listed for on e-bay.  I did not sell one bit of my NSW gear, but one old SAR kit, and some generic stuff, a bridge, a signal and an American wagon.  So not a profitable day but at least I made some money.  I think the number of sellers was either the same or up slightly, but the number of buyers seemed to be down.  But given the day - very hot, I'm sure many were at the beaches.
On return home, Darren and Grover came down to the shed for a cold drink and checked out my newly installed LED lights on the layout and the last few bits of work I have done since they last were here. 
Yesterday, I added a small shelf under the layout so I can locate my Raspberry Pi and its powered USB hub to.  After this I decided to do a small about of scenicing.  I set about to add an access gate to the Cougal Spiral section just like one that is in one of the photos that I have of that area just before entry into the first tunnel in the spiral heading north.  So I also added about 50 cm of ballast to the track in that area to try and complete that section.  I have also added ballast either side of the track to form a bit of an access road from the gate across the tracks.  I still need to add about a half dozen old sleepers so the vehicles requiring access across the tracks can driver over the rails.  That is a task for another day, but I do have quite a few stained sleepers already prepared for this task.
Over the next two weeks, I need to try and complete the model that I was to take to the Armidale Convention on the 15/16th of November.  This is also my entry into our Club’s Modelling Competition held at our December Meeting.  I have been thinking about doing some work on this model since the Gold Coast NMRA Convention.  I picked up some scale lumber that I needed from Gwydir Valley Models and nothing has occurred since.  I’ve been pretty busy at work for the last few weeks, working some very long and tiring days.  But I think I need to have a day off work in the next 2 weeks to recharge my batteries and complete the model.  I only have next weekend available before we head off to Armidale the following weekend.
The weekend after Armidale is also looking like it will be very busy, with a train related activity on the Friday Night at Darren's, some of the Tuesday Nighters heading to Toowoomba for a Running Session on the Saturday and potentially another Running Session on the Saturday or the Sunday in the Border District and if that does not occur, potentially a Running Session at my place on the Sunday as a backup.
Plenty of modelling and prep work to occur.

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