Sunday, November 30, 2014

Running Session Wrap Up

So this week in the lead up until the next running session in four weeks, I will be fine tuning lots of things on the layout and the trains.  So the week started with me updating all the timetable cards with additional information, like the track to take (Main or Loop) at each crossing loop as the trains progresses around the layout, and additional shunting information if that is required by a train.  Now this information will only be of benefit if everyone runs to the timetable.  if trains run later, then it could cause some issues.  But we will see.  I have also created a card about how to read and understand the timetable cards.  These will be distributed before the session.  Hopefully it will do away with people going the wrong way and stopping at the wrong locations.
Today I did a small amount of track work.  I glued down some cork that was under the rails in a couple of locations and then added some additional nails to the track.  The reason for this was two fold, one to keep the track in the correct level plain as it was lifting with bows in the cork in a couple of locations, as well as to remove some slight kinks that were identified in a couple of locations.  So these hopefully should now have been fixed.  I know there is still a location within the helix where the track dips that I have not fixed up yet and also the track at Running Creek needs to be soldered where two rails join to remove a slight kink in one rail and the gauge narrowing that occurs to the track.
I also soldered two wire jumpers to the track that had come away, one in Glenapp Loop on the main line and the other in Grafton Yard.  I also added tooth brush bristles to the track in a number of locations – 4 to track 2 in Clapham Yard, one to the Norco Siding at Old Cassino, and one to the Shell Oil Siding at Old Cassino.  I then added two more bristles, one to each track in Bonalbo Ballast Siding.  I also added a set of bristles to the Cement siding at Murwillumbah.  These bristles are located between the rails and when trimmed, just touch the axles of the bogie.  They stop the wagons from running away down a grade.
Upon completion of these tasks, I decided to have a bit of fun by adding a length of code 83 rail as a third rail into the narrow gauge sidings at Acacia Ridge Yard.  This now lets a standard gauge train enter further into the siding.  This was prompted by a Tuesday Nighter at the last running session.
Being on holidays this week, I will spend some time in the shed, moving trains to their expected end positions at the end of the running session.  There are a number of trains out of position.  I then plan to document what I need to do put trains into the starting position for the next session.  Since I added new sidings a few months ago, trains are in different locations to what the timetable says and the trains in the dead end sidings need to be reversed out, run around the return loops and reversed back into their siding.  I also plan on trying to run each train out and back before the next running session and do as much fine tuning as I can to further improve running qualities in the next session.
Let's see how far I get this week.

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  1. Hey Craig, you say you have "added some additional nails to the track" - I hope you didn't just grab a handful and dump them between the rails, as there is only so much room around the magnets of a loco to collect them again!