Sunday, July 6, 2014

Doing Some Electronics

On Saturday I went to the local MERG meeting where there was a presentation on “Introduction to Electronics”.  This was followed by a soldering session where we could put together a kit.  I purchased a LED dimmer kit to work on.  The day was attended by two fellow club members and about a half a dozen other interested people.  It was very informative and I guess the soldering session was where I gained some confidence in soldering on a small piece of strip board.  During the soldering session, I could not differentiate between two ceramic capacitors so I could not complete the kit.  I had to wait until I got home, and it was not until this afternoon that I put the items under the magnifying glass to read the writing on them to differentiate them.
So this afternoon in the shed, I finished off the soldering of this kit and installed the five jumper wire connections.  I do not have a 12 volt power supply to test the kits, so I might have to make one of those as well.  After completing the LED dimmer kit, I decided to put together a multi purpose flasher kit, which I finished.  I had previously purchase three of these as well as another LED dimmer kit in a bulk order from MERG in the UK with a couple of other club mates. 
So not much modelling related activities this week.  I just can’t get motivated to work on the Waiting Shed for Glenapp Loop.

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