Sunday, June 29, 2014

Glenapp Out-of Shed

This week I have been looking at various photos I have in my collection of the Glenapp Out-of Shed and trying to work out the required dimensions for all the walls, doorways, windows etc., etc.  On Friday I was off sick from work and so from mid morning I decided to sit down and put all this weeks planning together and see what I could construct.  I did a bit more work on Friday night and again on Saturday later morning until midday.  After spending Saturday afternoon and night away with the family to celebrate my daughter's birthday and arriving back mid afternoon today, I jumped back on the tools for a bit more time working with the model this arvo .  Today I added the awning braces, the guttering and the down pipes.  So below is what manifested itself over the last few days. 

The view from the Brisbane end.

The rear view.

from the south.

Looking up underneath the awning, showing one door open and the other closed.

The shed is of standard NSW concrete block construction, except that this building used the 15" blocks and not the 10" blocks that other buildings from the north coast used.  I just happened to have the some small off cuts of styrene that are very very close to 15" in size.  From this known dimension, I have been able to deduce all other dimensions.  I do have some photos that have people included in the frame, and given their approximated dimensions, I can double check the various sizes for doors and the like. 

I raided my window and door collection and found some matching items that I think fit in well.  I have cut the roofing material (corrugated iron) that just needs to be glued on.  I am deciding if I need to fit any sort of an LED light under the eaves of the roof or even inside the open door that will be visible through the door and the window during a running session.  Following painting, the glass panes will be added to the windows and above the doors.

My week started off with a huge deflation by my mates at our Tuesday Nighter's meeting.  Two of them Darren and Jacko advised that one photo that I was led to believe was a shot of the Glenapp Out-of Shed which also had the Signal box next to it, was actually the Tamrookum (I think they said?) shed and signal box!  What are friends for!  However, the items were actually the same design at both locations.

My next building will be the waiting shed, to be followed by the staff exchange platform and then the toilet block.


  1. Craig the building looks excellent, you have captured the feel. The photo you mentioned above was of Kagaru and not Tamrookum. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Craig,
    The section of the interstate line north of the border was constructed by Queensland Railways so the buildings would have been constructed using standard QR precast units which are a different size.

    Arthur R