Sunday, July 20, 2014

Buy and Sell's Galore

I spent some time in the shed this afternoon and whilst listening to the football on the radio, I installed a few telegraph poles that I have had lying on the layout for well over a year.  These were located around the Nammoona Ballast Siding Loop and headed towards the Hotham Road level crossing on the northern outskirts of Cassino.  There were also a few more installed around Ron and Marg’s B&B just outside Fairy Hill Loop.  I also fixed up a few detail signs on the layout. 
On Tuesday night last week a group of us went to the local – Union Pacific Model Railroad Club (UPMRC) Buy and Sell.  I went halves with Darren in 14 very nice bargain priced trees made by Bob Mawson.  I planted then on Saturday.  Apparently Bob was going to have lots more on Saturday at yesterday’s AMRA club at Zillmere Open Day combined with a Sale event.  Apparently it was quite good.  But given that my son was playing soccer at the other end of the universe – Beaudesert at 10:00am and we stopped off at the Jimboomba markets on the way home and then went looking for my nephew’s new home at Flagstone at the back of beyond west of Jimboomba, there was no way I could get to Zillmere and pick up some of those great trees made by Bob.  However, today I went to the All Gauge Model Railroad Club (AGMRC) Table Sale Buy and Sell at their clubrooms.  Fancy that – three different Clubs having sales within the one week.
I have also been slowly reducing my excess rolling stock collection with one wagon here and one wagon there.  So I guess I have been having my own personal Buy and Sell also.
Yesterday afternoon/evening I spent some time cutting up pieces of scale wood as I was progressing a standard NSW road overbridge for my layout.  I have also cut up enough parts for two more bents for a bridge I will be installing on the HO Club Layout.  I have assembled the two bents for my layout and just need to assemble the bridge frame underneath the road.  I plan on doing that tonight, if I can hold my hand steady enough for the glue to dry given all the coughing I am doing.  The next task will be to stain the bents and the bridge frame.  Then I will cut up some roadway, stain it and when it is dry, I will add it to the road frame.  I have some scribed timber that I will cut up and use for the bridge planks.  It is close enough to the correct thickness - 8" instead of 9" - but who will tell.
Tuesday this week is our next Tuesday Nighters get together, this time at my place.  I have put a few of my scenery items away in the shed to make room for the hungry hoards.  I had this equipment - various coloured scatters, tree making items, ballast and coloured sands/dirts in various places around the shed as that was what I have been doing lately. I will also give the shed a quick vacuum out on Tuesday afternoon just before I get my coffee cups out of storage and give them a wash and get ready for the evening.  This morning before going to the Buy and Sell I also hosed out the pergola and housed down the outdoor furniture, as we will retire to there on Tuesday night for tea/coffee and something to eat following a tour of the layout, as we certainly will not fit in the Shed with the numbers planned for this Tuesday.  I usually get bagged for having no room in the shed a few times during the evening.  I just hope it will not be too cold!

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