Sunday, June 1, 2014

Toowoomba Exhibition

This Saturday I hit the road with Lefty and we made our way up the Great Dividing Range and through numerous road works sites to Toowoomba for the annual exhibition of the DDMRC at the Toowoomba Showgrounds.  Once there it was like having a party and have all your friends attend the party.  We ran into Tuesday Nighters or ex Tuesday Nighters, Geoff, Darren, Paul, PK, Tess, Jacko and Old Mike.  I ran into quite a few from my Train Club and in particular had some conversations with, Bruce, Reverend Paul, B2, Kev, John, Paul, George, Reverend John, and a few others.  There were also ex RMCQ guys in particular Ron and his mates with their layouts also there.  Then there were the guys from the host Toowoomba Club - Bill, Doug, Smithy and Sparksey.  Then there were other Cassino Running Session attendees - Anatol, Anthony, and Mark.  Then other hobby mates and Pac Nat guys, Brett and Dave.  There were also a few LDMRC guys (and gals) including in particular – Graeme and Thelma.  We best not forget the traders – Al, Jim, George, Warren and Kath, Harold, Col and of course Wuiske and Christmas Every Day.  Now I’m sure I have forgotten a few others as well, so I apologise to those for that moment of brain fade.
Well, I was most impressed with the exhibition this year.  I saw quite a few very nice scenes on some layouts that I have committed to my mind in the hope of producing similar scenes on my layout.  I even committed a few of the scenes to my phone as I left my camera at home.  I also spent quite a bit of cash on various items for my layout at the traders in question above.  I think I picked up everything on my shopping list and a few more as they were all well priced.  I really needed to buy those items that I did as it is not likely I will see most of those shops again until the next round of exhibitions.  Some come from quite a fair distance away and only get to see them once or twice a year.  That reminds me that I must start saving the pennies for more scenery items to be purchased at our Club’s exhibition in August and then again at the Convention in Armidale in November.  I am certainly starting to churn through the tree making material at the moment so I purchased some more of that.
So last night I spent about 15 minutes in the shed, dispersing some of the various items I purchased around the layout where they will be permanently installed on the layout next weekend.  I also picked up a few tips from Geoff that I'll be looking into next weekend as well.
Thanks to Lefty for being my travelling companion yesterday and for loosing me in the large Founders Shed at the Toowoomba Showgrounds so I could go shopping without a conscience.

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