Sunday, May 25, 2014

Making and Planting Trees

This weekend was a tree full event.  Yesterday afternoon I spent some time painting up a few tree trunks of wires wound trees I had previously made with various colours paint so that I could turn them into trees later on.  Later yesterday and again today I spent some time gluing some Noch grass mat in two shades of green onto the tops of a few trees in the section that I’m trying to detail.
I was quite impressed with the results.  Yesterday and today I was also installing quite a few more of the Hornby Skale Scenics well over 50 into the same scene with a three better quality trees I purchased yesterday from Austral Modelcraft and about half a dozen trees that I had completed yesterday and today.
The scene is progressing quite well.  However, I need to get out the ‘No More Gaps’ and coat a few wire armatures that I have made.  These will be for making a root system for near the creek.
I could not resist it much longer so I have provided a few photos of what I have done so far.  I think I still need about 50 or maybe more Hornby Skale Scenics trees to be installed on the far side of the track and about at least another half dozen of my home made trees to be installed.  Then I can add some under tree material and a bit of stagnant water to the creek.  So here is the progress.
Looking south towards one of the Running Creek tunnels, the fence, the now disused former telegraph line and a few trees are visible along the bank of the creek.

On the northern bank of the local Running Creek, the same items are visible in this view.

Visible here is the northern portal of the next Running Creek Tunnel to the north.  The fence line and telegraph line try to follow the terrain up the mountain.

An overview of the screen looking North.  One main tree in the background needs to be greened up slightly, but that is a task for two weeks time.

A view looking south.  The unfoliaged tree is visible here in this scene.
This week I will be working on a trial mechanism to allow my siding gates into the Bonalbo Ballast Siding to be operated by a servo.  I hope to pick up a Tam Valley decoder to work my servo at this week’s (Yes – I got the date right this time Jim!) Toowoomba Exhibition.  So it’s a bit of an action packed week this, with Tuesday Nighters and the Toowoomba Exhibition on Saturday, and local Queensland Day activities at my kids school on next Sunday.

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  1. Well Craig it looks like I will miss you again, not being at the show on Sunday. It's great to see what a bit of scenery makes to a layout, it's looking good.