Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother’s Day

I’d just like to say Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there.  I'd like to especially say it to my darling wife Debbie.  My wife has put up with my many additions now for nearly 30 years.  It is all our other halves, the mothers of our children, that allow us to spend some time in our sheds and layouts rooms, or away at Exhibitions or conventions.  Without them being so considerate and understanding we would not have the layouts that most of us have today.  Following breakfast today, the kids gave some nice presents to their mother and later this afternoon to their grandmother.  I’m sure the boss had a good time, catching up with one of her sisters and brothers at her mother’s house this afternoon.
Now on to the important stuff.  Today I got time to spend about 30 minutes in the shed just before lunch.  I also spent about 30 minutes in the shed yesterday before lunch.  I am working on detailing an area of track just under a metre long in a very prominent area.  I hope to have it finished before the next time the boys visit on a Tuesday night.  There is lots of greenery and detail items that I need to install.  There will be no pictures of this scene on the blog until the whole scene is complete and until after the boys have visited.
Today marks the 300th post on the blog.  I have accumulated 100 followers and have had nearly 153,000 site visits.  Thanks to those that do visit this site and use it as a jump off point to other blogs that they find of interest.  I hope you do enjoy checking in from time to time and seeing what occurs in my Shed.

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