Sunday, April 6, 2014

Continuing Down the Same Path

Yesterday I went over to Anthony’s place to have a timetable running session.  His layout also has a blog Border District.  I was accompanied by Shelton and Darren (two of my regular operators) and met up with Mark and Andrew while there.  The session is certainly was full on.  There is plenty of shunting involved.  You really have to use you brain to work out how you move the drop offs into position and how to put those pickups onto the train from the various sidings.  First you have to find the siding.  There are both facing and trailing sidings at various locations that really test you ability to think.  At this session Darren had the Station Master job at Tatiara Downs.  I had it at the last session.  This is the most stressful job out there.  I do enjoy operating at someone else's layout as it gives me an opportunity to see how they accomplish the running session on their layout.  I am looking to see if I could take bits out of their session and incorporate those components into my operating session.  We had an absolutely great time.
Today I got down to the shed and built the remaining ballast pile at the Bonalbo Ballast Siding.  I then painted the ground between the two ballast sidings and between the farthest siding and the shed wall.  I then decided to lay a small amount of coloured sands and dirts around the first half of the sidings as far as I could reach.  The rest will be done next weekend but from the access hatch in the corner of the shed, from where the rest of the siding will be easier to reach.  I then decided to throw a small amount of ballast around over the two sidings up to the point where I had laid down the basic ground work.  Again the rest of the ballasting will occur next weekend.  I really need to go and buy some more white glue as I am now completely out of it.
I was having a look around the shed today and it took me ages to find my stash of ballast.  It was apparent that I do not have enough.  So I will have to pick some up at a local hobby shop over the next week or two.
I will also be looking at finding a few trees to install outside the Ballast Siding area.  I might have to review my current collection, build some more or look at buying some.  Luckily, the Brisbane Model Miniature Train Exhibition –aka the May Show is only about 4 weeks away.  Hopefully I might be able to pick up some more trees from Brian at Trackside Trees.  He makes the best trees.  I have already started on my shopping list for this event.

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