Sunday, April 20, 2014

Kyogle Stock Siding

This week I have been working on making a couple of stock races for the Kyogle Stock Siding, as well as some various lengths of fencing to surround the stock yards.

As mentioned last week, I have three white metal stock races.  But I made up three stock races myself from styrene.  I used the white metal sheep races from Sentinel as a guide and made a low level sheep race and two versions of high level sheep races. 

I then had to start building some various fencing to go between the various stock races and then to surround the southern paddocks.  I will be building a few intermediate fences and of cause the mandatory gates that will direct the various beasts and sheep to the appropriate loading point.

I ran out of Styrene on Friday and purchased a few more packets on Saturday and now I find out I have just run out of my favourite 0.060" I beam styrene that I use for fence posts.  I need that to build the various intermediate fence posts.  I think I also need to pick up another packets of 0.060" x 0.020" which I am using for the various rails on the fences.  I use a larger size styrene on the actual races.  There are five rails on the fences and only four rails on the races.

On Tuesday I plan to make a visit to Austral Modelcraft in the morning to pick up some more styrene so I can keep building on Tuesday afternoon as well as next weekend.  The stock yards are only being built in low relief, but will have a few beasts sitting and standing around ready for loading.

Overview of the Kyogle Stock Siding yards looking southwards.  This shot shows just how narrow this area of the layout being modelled is.

Looking north showing the stock siding loading ramps.  In the foreground is where three separate paddocks will be built.  Just below the stock siding, is the Intermediate Staff machine for the section Kyogle to Border Loop and the plug in point for the headsets to its right.

A low level and a high level sheep loading race in the shot.  A fence will join the two stock races and a gate will direct the stock to one or the other gate.  These fences are meant to be pushed through the Styrofoam base and the bottom rail will just be above ground level.

The main loading area of the yard for the cattle and sheep.

Close up of the white metal cattle loading races with some NSCF's sitting at the two cattle races.

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