Sunday, March 9, 2014

Scenery Around the Bruxner Highway

This afternoon I ventured down to the shed to complete the scenicing of the area on the left rear of the Bruxner Highway  That was quite an easy job.  I sprayed on the white glue and I followed that up with a covering of various types of dirt and sand.  After more white glue, this was then covered by the yellows and greens of the grasses.
The area behind the roadway line and to the left of the road was sceniced this afternoon.
I then turned my attention to the ballast siding area.  I removed the various pieces of wood that were holding down the styrofoam that I glued in place last weekend.  I then mixed up two mixes of plaster and applied that over the styrofoam and tried to contour it in so it did not look like flat earth.  Once the plaster was dry I then painted the plaster and the baseboard around the Bonalbo Ballast Siding area – raw sienna. 

The Bonalbo Ballast Siding is the next area to be worked on.  The base has been coloured and hopefully will be sceniced next weekend.
Next week I will have to cover this area with dirts and scatters to represent the area where the various ballast trains are loaded.  Following that I will install a few relatively small ballast heaps with an end loader or two positioned around.  Then I will start work on the fence that will surround the business.  I think I will leave the gates across the rail entry until some time in the future after I have worked out how to make then operate.

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