Sunday, December 8, 2013

Weekend Off

This weekend I went down the Coast with the family for a short break.  We stayed at Coolangatta, right across the road from the beach and as the wife had planned it, also across the road from where the Gold Coast Craft Markets were held today.  We certainly gave the markets a nudge this morning before heading off to the beach and then back to the pool, before watching some cricket.

So this week there has been nothing of a modelling persuasion undertaken.  The only thing I did was on Friday when I removed my bridge over the Richmond River and separated it into its three pieces and packed it up so I can take it to the Club next Saturday for our modelling competition.

Plans for this week include catching up on reading with the latest AMRM magazine as well as the December Digest and the October issue of Australian Railways Illustrated.  This magazine has an article on the Northern Rivers Railroad which has some very nice photos taken around Casino and other north coast locations.

I also have to install a small decoder into a Club member's British loco as time is running out before I need to return it to him next Saturday at the Club.

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