Sunday, December 22, 2013

Time is Running Out ...

Well time is certainly running out before the next Cassino running session later this week.  Family events and other activities are certainly conspiring against me and making it hard to get everything completed before the running session. 
Yesterday I had one child off to a kids birthday party (with the Boss) and I was confined to home with the other.  However, I had a visitor from Melbourne pop in for a few hours in the afternoon, so I could show off the layout and also having the opportunity to see a Eureka R class loco running on the Murwillumbah branch from Lismore to Grafton.  I think it must have been offloaded from a barge near the Lismore Wharf siding and after a few runs up an down the loop, it made it’s way towards Old Cassino and then onto Cassino and eventually around to Grafton where it finally rested.  The loco looked nice, ran very well especially at slow speed and I was very impressed by the sound - plenty of volume but it was set a bit too high for my likings.  However, having never heard an R class in 1:1 scale before I don’t know how accurate the sound in the model is.  It must have been a steam day yesterday as I broke out the Garratt and double headed it with my 35 Class and ran them from Grafton for their first trip across the Richmond River Bridge before making it into the platform at Cassino.  They then ran back to Grafton Loco.  That was the first steam loco activity on the layout for quite some time. 
So this morning early I went to the shed before heading off to a family gathering for the Mother-in-Law’s birthday celebration at midday.  I got around to moving the last few trains into their initial starting location before the running session.  I found out my layout Voltmeter had stopped working so I will investigate that over the next few nights.  I still have to wire up two points on the main line, and I would like to get at least four completed, if not 6 before Friday.
I must remember tomorrow to print a new train diagram for the Friday Operating Session and print the timetable cards on the four part paper so I can rip them up and have them ready for the Operating Session.
I still need to investigate a fault between Power Districts 3 and 4, but if that doesn’t get done before Friday its is not s show stopper as the layout will still operate.  My next blog update will probably include photos from the operating session and a wrap up of the event.  
I hope you - the readers - get some enjoyment out of visiting this blog, and even if NSW North Coast modelling isn’t your thing, the links that I provide cover off on your prototype calling.  Merry Christmas to everyone that visits this blog and reads the diatribes that I post every week. 

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