Sunday, December 1, 2013

Consulting Services

Very little to report this week.  Yesterday it poured in the morning so I did not go to the shed.  In the afternoon I made use of the fine weather and put up two sets of Christmas lights out the front.  I had previously put up two sets of Christmas lights on Friday afternoon.  Today while catching up on some recorded TV, the phone rang off the hook.  I answered an SOS from old Mike Boyde.  He was after a few sets of HO bogies so I took three sets over to him.  I then helped him re-setup his Powercab on a very small shunting layout located in his garage.

The second phone call was from Lefty.  He needed to use some of my consulting services on his layout.  That was no problem at all.  He already knew the answer, but he just needed to hear it come from someone else.  In an effort to inspire him to actually cut some more timber track bases on his top deck so he can put the next 15 feet of his track bases in along with his very large On30 scale station module,which is about 4 feet long and 1 foot deep, I gave him some free advise as to how I would cut the various baseboards etc.  It really would be great to see some more benchwork progress and an update to his blog - hint hint!

I did spend about 30 minutes in the shed today before I put my consultancy services into action.  I screwed my two recently purchased DS64 devices for the Loco Pilly up underneath the layout's top deck.  I then cut some wires and connected up the DCC supply to both of these DS64's so that are now basically operational.  I then turned the layout on to ensure that there was no short created by adding these items into the track bus.  I still do need to code up the DS64 device address and the four point motor addresses on each, but that is a job for the next time I visit the shed.

On Tuesday this week we went to a new Tuesday Nighter's place and checked out his HO scale NSW layout.  The layout was very well detailed and his rollingstock while not making the leap into DCC yet, ran very nicely and was extremely well presented - including nice weathering on some items.  Something to aspire to eventually when I get some time.

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