Sunday, April 7, 2013

Another Week of Nothing

A very short update this week. I’m still on holidays and having fun doing nothing, except today when we had visitors all day and did nothing except have a great time.  Tuesday last week was Tuesday Nighters, but I did not attend as I was down the coast. I had to take Kyle to Swimming on Wednesday, followed by Soccer Training. This was in between trips to the beach. I have only read about 3 pages in my AMRM in the last week. Coupled with my zero pages being read in the March Digest, and I have not even picked up April’s Digest from the newsagent as yet. I sought of am enjoying doing nothing. I think I’m also on Swimming and Soccer Roster this Wednesday as well as attending the first Soccer game this Saturday. But hopefully later this week, I will be back in the Shed and doing some work on painting some basic scenery colour around Cassino from the Richmond River working north.

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