Sunday, April 28, 2013

Scenery and Stuff

After last week's diversion with the HUB set, I got back on the so called horse (or was it the train) and continued with some scenery.  Who would have guessed that?  On Thursday this week I went down to the shed, while watching the various ANZAC services on TV and continued doing the scenery behind Cassino Station.  Yesterday I went down again, and continued where I left off and continued up to the repair sidings at Cassino near Loco and also did an area over the other side of the tracks near the North Street Subway on the eastern side of the line and around towards the Old Cassino Shell Sidings.  It is starting to come together.

Yesterday Shelton came over and watched me doing a bit of scenery.  He took plenty of photos and even posted a photo diary of me working on a small area. Here is a link over to Shelton's Blog.
I usually do a small area maybe 30cm x 30cm at a time and then move along to the next section.  In the area behind the station at Cassino I plan to build all the houses and the various back yard structures as close as possible.  Aren't we blessed with Google Maps being able to zoom in without leaving the comform of our office.  I do however, have quite a few photos of various houses taken from the streets and from the Casino platform from previous trips down there.  There may be some modeller's license thrown in.  But I will try and recreate everthing as near as accurate as possible even the various fencing at the back of each house as it backs onto the railway rite-of-way.

Yesterday morning I popped into Austral Modelcraft on my way home from Kyle's Soccer (he scored the winning goal from a penalty after being brought down from behind as he was about to take a shot at goal after avaiding the fullback).  I picked up a few more colours of scenery scatter.  I'm running out of some colours.  Today I went to the Buy and Sell (table sales) at the All Gauge Model Railway Club and picked up a few more there as well.  You can never have too many colours and textures of scatter for the layout.

This afternoon I went over to Shelton's Layout and had a bit of a run.  I took my CPH and 620/720 for a run by request.  While they are not Victorian, these types of trains fitted into Shelton's Timetable run, or maybe more accurately, his "Time Sequence Run".  Our day was sort of limited as his second procab has developed a fault and can't be used as it just hangs.  I brought his procab home to my place tonight for a second oppinion and it does exactly the same on my layout - it is stuffed.  With only one cab, we had to share the running activities, with the other person doing the signaller and shunters job in setting the roads.  Of course I forgot to bring one of my cabs, didn't I - Doh!

Tuesday this week we head over to a new layout that I believe no one in our group has ever seen before.  It is still in our area, and as a consequence we may have another Tuesday Nighter in the group.  Must remember to pack the camera.

This coming weekend is the AMRA Qld's traditional May Exhibition.  However, this year, there is not long weekend to contend with, and the show is only two days long and will be held at the Doomben Racecourse for the first time.  I will be there with Jim Hutchsinson, doing Structure Building.  I will still be trying to learn from the old Master.  So please come along, say hi and introduce yourself.  I've started to pack my stuff up that I will be taking to the Show.  At this point in time I have no idea what I will be doing for the two days.  I could build lots of things for the layout.  With activity being concentrated around Cassino, I think I might work on the over head ticket office's support structure.  A tin shed that was beneath the bridge and various shed's in the back yard of the first house backing onto the Cassino Station off Canterbury Street.  I may even get back to working on the second house on the opposite side of Canterbury Street.

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