Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Easter Bunny Arrived

Well I am on holidays for a few weeks now to coincide with the school holidays, and I have been sitting back sipping a few sherberts with the family over the last few days and that will continue for the next few days.  Because of this I have not looked at any modelling in the shed. It has been great catching up with one of my Brother-in-law and my nieces and nephews and their spouses and families. No doubt I will catch up with more in the next week. It is just a great time.
As mentioned above, although I did get my AMRM mag about 10 days back, and I was stirred onto doing some modelling because of some of the articles in that issue, but I have decided that I will just sit back and de-stress from work, at least this first week of my holidays.  Plenty of things to do with the kids.  Go to the beach, kick the football, have a swim in the pool, go for a run with Paige in the morning in preparation for the school cross country in 3 weeks.  And I have a few railway related mags to catch up on.
So this morning the Easter Bunny delivered some chocolate to the kids and myself and the wife. It’s amazing how that bugger gets inside the house! Well I suppose it is the same way that ants and other insects get in.
Happy Easter everyone.


  1. Time well spent being with the kids and family compared to being stuck away in the shed Craig.

  2. I'd prefer to be in the Shed with the kids outside!

  3. Greg,
    That brought a smile to my face.