Sunday, March 10, 2013

Normal Services have been Resumed

Today I went down the shed and believe it or not, I did some more plastering.  I stated at North Street backing onto the rear of Cassino Station and plastered up to Convent Lane.  From Convent Lane I plastered to Wiangarie Street.  Then from there past a laneway which will be covered in grass and then onto Kyogle Street.  From there I plastered up to Runnymede Street.  In all 11 feet of plastering, but it was only about 1 foot deep.  My plaster bag is almost empty, so I will have to head off pretty soon for another 20kg bag of casting plaster from Bunnings.
So the area behind the station now looks all white.  Over the next few months I will be colouring this area a bit and installing a basic dirt and grass covering.  Actually I will start at the Richmond River and work my way all the way to Runnymede Street.  This is over 20 feet of scenicing that has to be undertaken.  Next job will then be to install a few fences separating the various blocks or land.
Once this is done, I can remove the masking tape from the track and the various layers of paper towel to prevent plaster getting on things that it shouldn't.  I can then clean the track and trains will then be able to run again free of obsticles.
This week as previously mentioned in a previous post my 73 class locos arrived from Auscision Models on Monday. On Monday night I installed an NCE N14SR decoder in one loco and am waiting to get another decoder from the LHS for the second loco. Although I do have a Z14SR decoder available for the other loco.  There certainly is not much room in there for two decoders as I need two decoders to cover all the lighting functions available.  I also have another Club member who wants me to decoder up his 73 class loco once I get mine working satisfactorily.
We went to Lefty’s on Tuesday for our fortnightly meeting.  He allowed me to a perform a short test run of the 73 on his layout for the other Tuesday Nighters.  Again another great and interesting night.
Saturday (yesterday) was club day. I actually won the raffle for a change and now have a nice storage case (actually two) to show for it. While there, I received 4 Eureka terminal cars to be rewired from another of our Club members. Something to keep me out of the pub over the next few weeks.

Getting back to the 73 class locos, I have requested some assistance via the NCE-DCC yahoo group. I have received a couple of replies and I will pursue one of the responses further.  See ya next week.


  1. Mate, If you need any pic's let me know I drive
    past the station almost every day.
    Cheers Dean

  2. Dean,
    Thanks for your offer, it is really appreciated. At this stage I don't need any pics. I have over 100 from my last trip down there. My mate also took quite a few as well.