Sunday, March 4, 2012

Back to Scenery

My train activities this weekend was shot with family activities taking precedence.  We had a ski-ing birthday party up at Lake Moogerah Dam first up on Saturday for Paige to attend, but we all went along - a nice 2 and a half plus hours round trip in the rain, followed by Kyle going on a play date at one of his mate's place in the afternoon  and evening and the rest of us having dinner at a local Scottish restaurant.  However, while Kyle was out, I was able to get down the shed for about and hour and a half.  Sunday was supposed to be another lunch time Birthday party for Kyle to attend, followed by a family BBQ where I was to catch up with the family and in particular, a couple of my nieces who have just had baby boys in the last 4 weeks or so.  However, with kids coughing up lungs and Paige then doing a bit more than that this morning, it turned out that I was the only one to go to the party this arvo.  Didn't want to spread any germs to the real littlees.  it is really great to catch up with my now only sister and all the nieces and nephews (and their better halves) and all their kids on my side of the family.  Some real characters in that lot.

So on Saturday I did something that have been looking at doing for some months but could not get motivated to tackle.  I turned to some scenery and in particular, that area from the northern end of The Risk Loop to the tunnel portal south of The Risk (this was the area in front of the track) - a distance of about 6 and a half metres.  I also did the area behind the track, which is quite mountainous from behind the Station building at The Risk to the same tunnel portal south of the Loop.  This was about 2 and a half metres in length.

Most of the area behind the track already had base covering of dirt on it while the area in front of the track mostly did not except for a section about 600mm long with I tile grouted for a base colour.  So where I needed to I installed my dirt base, made up of a red soil and various shades of white and grey soils.  This is wetted down with diluted white glue in squirt bottles with a touch of washing detergent.  This was followed by the greening up of this whole area.  Well it was really shades of yellow, yellowish brown, brownish green and some other shades of green.  It certainly looks better than it was.  Given the time available I did not have time for photos, and besides I want to surprise the Tuesday Nighters when they eventually get around to my place - who knows maybe in 2 weeks.  then there will be pictures galore.

I also installed the control panel that will control the four out of reach points in Cassino Yard.  I still need to wire these control panel push buttons back to the NCE Mini Panel.

This week we are off to Shelton's on Tuesday to see what progress he has been making.  That is followed by Saturday at the Club if the kids are better - which after a week one would assume they will be.

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  1. I hope you enjoyed all that progress I made - LOL