Sunday, November 27, 2011

Additional Storage for Trays

Thursday afternoon this week I headed out to Bunnings to pick up three lengths of 2.4m Aluminium angle ($1.70 each) used in plastering. Saturday I cut these up into 40cm lengths with a pair of tin snips and cleaned the edges up with a file. I then punched two holes through one of the sides of the angle about 1/2 an inch from the end in the middle of the side. This allows me to screw through the hole to fit the aluminium angle to my table frame and use the angle as shelf runners. I installed 9 shelves into my little cabinet, which is the extension of my dispatchers panel desk. I did this to get some of my storage trays out of the way and off various desks, chairs and kitchen bench top space in the shed.

The storage facility with 8 of the tray locations in use.  the bottom one is empty.  Number 7 and 8 are further apart for storing larger items

I liked how well this small table top and shelf storage area worked, that I’m thinking about installing another cabinet or two under the layout in various locations. On Saturday afternoon, I got my tray making jig out again and started putting together the first 2 of my next lot of 6 trays that have been sitting on my shed floor, again getting tripped over from time to time.  These kits which our Club sells for $2 have been sitting around for what must have been 12 months. I will see if I can get motivated to finish these off this week at night.

I had David come over to collect his first lot of decoder fitted locos. There were four wire in ones and three different plug in ones. There were three locos that I looked at, scratched my head, and gave up as a bad joke. I won’t touch them. Either there is no space available to fit a decoder, or the wheels are wired to the frame and it looks like the frame connects to one of the sides of the motor. I’ll say it again. Damn Hornby Steam locos – I hate them!  I must admit that some of then do look reasonable.

On Friday night we had a Christmas Event at School. On arrival home, the first part of the Saturday paper was already thrown in. I checked in the Weekend Shopper section as I always do. I thought, Sh!t the photo on page 1 looks familiar – Oh It’s Baker Farm’s. Apparently there was a story on Page 3. So I turned the page and there were two more photos one of the track laying crew at the southern end of Fairy Hill Loop, and the other as Lefty called it, “There was this bearded countenance leering at me over the top of a model railway” and “He almost choked on his weeties”. Mind you I had you look “counterance” up in the dictionary. I assume you know these things if you are learned like Lefty – it means ‘Face’. “How Rude!” I’d describe it as a good looking bloke showing off his radio NCE DCC with a couple of trains passing at the Northern end of Fairy Hill Loop with some details of Fairy Hill Farm also in the photo.

Today I started dabling in the shed.  I realised that I can store three more trays in an existing storage cupboard that I've had for years.  But I need another length of Plaster's angle from Bunnings.

My old storage facility where I will store three trays on runners.  I know there are four here, but one I put space between the shelves, it will only fit three.

I then started making another tray storage facility that will fit under the layout.  I will have to pull this apart and remake it as there is not enough room for the trays to slide on the runners.  Again I will need another half a dozen lengths of Plaster's angle for the runners.  I will finish this storage facility in the Christmas - New Year break.
The next item I'm making
I have a weeks holiday coming up with truck loads to do at work before I go.  I hope I can finish all the tasks I need to do.


  1. No mention of Saturday afternoon visitors so I am assuming no one showed up to your open shed invitation?

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