Sunday, December 4, 2011

Quiet Week after Tuesday Night

Tuesday night this week was a Tuesday Nighter's meeting at my place.  Ten guys turned up for a visit.  PK had some samples of various bit and pieces he had purchased and also a couple of hand made code 55 N scale points.  The points looked very nice indeed.  Darren brought along a large sheet of paper on which there was a large diagram of my layout crossing loop schematic.  This measured 600mm x 1200mm.  I pinned that up on the wall above my North Coast Controller's Desk and it looks very good.  Once I give this schematic the all clear, this will be copied onto a large white board that Darren has.  With a bit of luck, this schematic in its final work on a magnetic whiteboard could be available for the December 27th scheduled running session.  I just need to make up the magnets for each of the trains.

Brendan brought along his 49 Class, in which he had recently installed a Tsunami decoder.  This loco did a few runs round the layout, ran well and sounded quite nice.  It had working marker lights.  It was being controlled by two different procabs, so it was having some initial hickups but when that was realised that was overcome, and Brendan breathed sigh of relief.

I was down the coast today having a swim in a Resort Pool with the family where we were staying.  We were their with my niece, her husband and their three kids when this stocky gentleman with a receeding hariline came over to me in the pool and started ranting.  Low and behold it was Geoff with his family.  You travel 100km from home and still meet up with a fellow Railway Modeller and a Tuesday Nighter at that.  What were the chances of that occuring?

I'm off work this week for a mental rest, but I'm sure I will end up being called by work and having to log on and do a few things.  My plan is to do a bit of modelling.  The Cricket finished early!  We'll see how successful I am when I report next weekend.

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