Friday, August 19, 2011

Sound CPH #3 arrives with its Trailer #51

Yes, the package that the boss missed yesterday was from Ron - or Werris to those in the know. 

After dropping the kids at school this morning, she who must be obeyed (SWMBO for short) swung by the post office after 9:00am to collect the package.  I was home with the Solar Panel installers.  The wife came to the front door and she had a large package in her hand, so I knew it was the Eureka delivery.  I quickly opened it up and it was of the same box style as the 620/720 and Garratts.  I took the model out of the green box and then proceeded to RTFM.  And yes it was a fancy manual.  Although one thing I don't like is a lack of a complete CV list (yes I can download the QSI manual) and particular details about the loco - a sort of fact sheet as you will.

I went down to the shed and put it on the track and gave it a run up and down the area around Kyogle, as this is at eye level.  I love the sound provided, the idle, the revs, the horn and the brake squeal.  It ran very smoothly and went over point work well.

My set was #3 with trailer #51 and I had them weathered. The weathering is very subtle and I like it. The interior lights are very yellow though, but I don't know if this is prototypical or not.  Being a Canetoad I've never travelled on a CPH.  F12 turns off the cab lights in the CPH. Not sure what does the trailer yet.

There are two switches under the CPH and one under the trailer.  I must admit I have not read what they are for yet.  I've packed the set back up to take it across to our exhibition tomorrow, so it can hopefully get a run on Geoff's Splitters Swamp Creek layout throughout the day.  Anyone wanting to see and hear it run has to get past me on the door and pay admission.  I might have to raise the door prices considering there is sound CPH on show inside.

I do like the sound of the horn, and like it as it revs up before taking off. When the headlights are off, all marker lights on the CPH are red. As soon as you turn on the headlight, the marker lights are directional, white at the front and red on the rear for the direction of travel selected. The trailer only has lights at one en, but they are directional.

F9 works the same as on the Garratt with the heavy haul feature. This gives a short toot to turn it on and 2 toots to turn it off. The toots are a nice sound.

I feel the multi year wait was worth it.  It must have been hard for Ron dealing with those drongos at the old factory, but they did produce some good stuff.  Thanks Ron.
Toot Toot.

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