Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fine Tuning Two Tsunami 44's

Saturday this week I went over to the Club for our usual meeting day.  I had intentions of putting two of my 44 Class locos with Tsunami Alco 251 V12 sound chips in them onto the Club test track which is fitted with a SPROG II with Decoder Pro on the attached Computer.  PK was kind enough to show me how it worked, and I still stuffed it up, but I eventually had two 44 Class locos running with momentum, and a working brake function on Function key 7.  Just brilliant!  I did have some issues, when I run multiple locos (44's) in a consist (Advanced style) and the brake function only works on the loco we are controlling and not both that are in the consist.  That is not a good thing when the rear loco is still pushing to its heart's content when the front one is stopped.  I assume that is because I have not set up what function the locos can receive while in a consist.  I will look at that at a later point in time.  I think I may still need to increase the brake rate so the loco stops a bit sooner.  It's a pitty that there were not two break buttons, one for smaller trains and one for longer trains, so you really have to drive your locos around the layout.  I particularly like the brake squeal and the air let off as well.

I spent some time in the shed this afternoon and ran a test up and down the track around Lismore with the two locos with and without the brake function being used to stop the locos.  That is going to cause some of my drivers a bit of a headache at the nexst running day, if I don't tell then which locos need the brake to make them stop.

I have another four 44 class locos with sound, 2 with the cheap DSD100's (but with a GM donk) and 2 DSD101's with an Alco motor.  I don't think these decoders support the break function.  I will try and keep the two good Alco's separate from the other sound locos. 

I have a couple of days off work this week so I will start the installation of the headphone system around the layout. Just 23 plug in points to install and I'd guess about 70 meters or wire for the various peninsulars.

This coming weekend our Club will be holding its annual model railway exhibition at the Strathpine Community Centre (off Melklam Street) in the outer northern suburbs of Brisbane - actually its in the next council district - Moreton Bay Regional Council.  Two (or maybe three) other Bloggers will be in attendance.  Geoff with have Splitters Swamp Creek there and will be assisted by Darren and maybe Brendan.  I'll be sitting on the door for most of the weekend, handing out programs, so just say high when you walk past.

I'm also counting down the days until two 73 class locos show up as well as my sound equipped CPH.

I hope to have some photos of the various layouts from our exhibition for next weekend's update.

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