Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Week Away

Last Monday while a public holiday in Queensland for Labour Day and with the main Brisbane Model Railway Exhibition was on, I was driven to Coopers Plains Railway Station in the afternoon to catch the airtrain to Brisbane Domestic Airport, for my connecting flight to Sydney for work.

While I stayed at the Travelodge on Phillip Street, my days were spent at the Sofitel Wentworth Hotel a few hundred meters up the road for a symposium - I think that is a beat up name for a conference.  There was no time for anything else but work related until Friday afternoon.  After the last session concluded at 12:00 noon on Friday and a quick bite to eat, I headed off to Hobby Co in the Queen Victoria Building.  I have not been to Hobby Co for about 3 or 4 years.  It has moved since I was last in Sydney.

I did enjoy seeing a Eureka Garratt running around the layout in the shop window with a few Eureka 4-wheel coal wagons in tow.  Beats that European stuff on the other tracks!  Maybe my bias is showing through - Oh who cares.

After a look through the shop, I found the Noch Naughty Scene I will be installing in my B&B, so I picked it up.  I also lassooed some Noch figures for sitting on toilet seats.  Just the thing to detail my many dunnies situated on my layout.  I was then off to the airport for the flight home.  I came home to an empty house as teh Kids were off at a Birthday Party at Macca's.

With Saturday spent at Soccer followed by a great niece's 5th birthday party and then catching up with emails at night (i'm half way there), followed by today with the family for Mother's Day for breakfast this morning and at the inlaws in the arvo, I have still not done anything railway related this week apart for the purchases above.

I also missed the Tuesday Nighters Session just up the road on Tuesday Night.  I did put forward my place as a possible alternative for 2 weeks time, but have not heard if the meeting will be here or not.  Eventually the guys will tell me where the next event is.

This week I plan to look at installing a sealed room in the B&B so I can turn the light on remotely to capture the young couple on the bed through the window.  I will have to ensure that my young kids can't see what is going on through the window.

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  1. Craig, next meeting at Peter's place. The meeting at Silkwood was a good one. Lots of show and tells from the Show. The highlight for me was the progress David and Raymond have made in their Railway Empire Room (my name for their 'shed'). It's great to see them moving quickly forward with a huge dose of enthusiasm. We as a group have very varied modelling tastes or subjects, but we certainly do inspire each other. I wondered if there would be an update tonight, great to see the 'legend' continues, great stuff.