Sunday, May 2, 2010

Brisbane's Model Railway Exhibition

Today marks the end of my participation in the Brisbane Model Railway Exhibition for this year, although the show is still on tomorrow.  I fly to Sydney tomorrow afternoon for the week with work so I can't go to the show as well or there would be one dead modeller in our family. 

Well today started off quite poorly.  I left my phone at home along with my camera.  Damn - So no shots of the various layouts at the show.  We will have to wait for Geoff's "The Eternal Beginner" blog update tomorrow night as he is heading in tomorrow morning to check out the shops and take his photos.

However, back to the weekends activities.  As the sign says outside of my cubicle at work say - "A bad day of model railroading beats a good day at work".  Really, both yesterday and today were good days at the show.  Yesterday I constructed about 20 steel coils for my coil cradles, along with 10 wooden saw horses.  Today I completed 3 N scale picnic tables for our N scale layout, built 3 of my versions of the RH-RV Coil steel containers (similar ro Auscision's version), built a 6' high step ladder, built a 14' wooden ladder to allow workers to get onto the rooves of my signal cabins, and almost completed another 18' ladder.

This afternoon, Geoff who was working with me today on our Structure Building Stand, met with Brendan from Gundagai Model Rail layout Blog fame.

I had many interesting conversations, had a huge number of laughs with various people I caught up with, realised I will never drink light beer again, had my photo taken by two ladies for the AMRA Exhibition web site, also spent some time with the ABC reporter and cameraman.  They mentioned that it might be on after tonights weather bulletin at the end of the 7:00pm news.

Tomorrow morning I will unpack my purchases and my modelling equipment and pack my bag before I head to Sydney.


  1. Hi Craig, I can confirm that your mug was on at the end of the 7pm ABC News which did a short feature of the show. I SMSed you but unsure if your received it. I also agree that the show was very good. There were some great layouts or layouts with various great ideas. Good to finally meet Geoff. GB.

  2. Greg,
    That Geoff character is no work of art. When he is on the stand all the young women look at me instead of him. Thus why the young ABC reporter spoke to me. However, his sheep wagon is a developing work of art.

  3. You know it was a great day, I didn't see the same as Craig in regards to some of our visitors, however I was the one with the glasses! Good to catch up with a couple of fellow bloggers as well. Great Stuff. Better stop now or I'll have nothing to post on SSC.