Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Buy and Sell Bargains

Sunday morning I received a phone call from Darren asking if I was going to our Club's Buy and Sell.  I was talked into it and not long later he picked me up and we went to see what we could offload.  I don't think I have ever sold more than I have bought at a Buy and Sell and today was no different.  There were at least 15 sellers tables there and many more buyers coming through the Clubrooms for a gold coin donation and partaking in our sausage sizzle with softdrink and tea or coffee.  The Clubroom HO and N scale layouts were operational and a few people that I spoke to at the Brisbane Train show 2 weeks ago also showed up and talked about joining the Club.  This all makes it worthwhile for our Club to stage one of these events.

I picked up a set of 6 Kibri Power Transmission Poles that I thought would look good around Fairy Hill Loop.  I do plan to actually install some powerlines on these once I work out where they will go and how far they are apart in reality.

Some of the power transmission poles just temporarily placed around Fairy Hill Loop

I also picked up a number of cars - some scale and some just toys.  The Australia Post van was $5, but the rest were $15 the lot.  Some are scale 1:87 cars when I look underneath.  Some are just great models and most are right hand drive.  I think 4 are porsches.  Looks good for the Porsche Club to visit one of the locations on Cassino in the future.  Brilliant bargains!  Mind you I don't have enough roads on the layout for all these cars yet.

The car selection from today's Buy and Sell raid

I also picked up a weathered dummy XPT power car and another coach for $10. I will eventually do some swapping of bogies, car shells and car walkway connections with some of my existing wagons.

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  1. G'day - is there a chance that you could please share any further information (if available) on the Australian Post van? Is there anything written underneath it that identifies its manufacturer etc...? Thanks.