Sunday, December 27, 2009

Terra Forming Again

This weekend I have begun terra forming the area south of Fairy Hill Loop.  I plan to finish the initial layer of tissue soaked plaster over the next few days and may even have some basic scenery down in the form of dirt, sand and green scatter material by the time the guys come over for a running night on Tuesday.

While deciding the lay of the land of this area, so to speak, I have decided that I have room for three farm houses in the area I'm currently working on.  There will also be a country lane way that will go through the area that is just wide enough to fit one car on.  It will have dirt and gravel verges and will end with a level crossing protected by give way signs.

Basic foam shapes

Where the Lane will be

On Saturday I also spray painted two sets of Auscision Container flats, and a few other wagons I had laying around, some AR Kits Wheat Wagons and two scratchbuilt ballast wagons.  I even hit a shed I made back in May this year.  It is now ready to go on the layout somewhere. 

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  1. My you've been busy! I haven't even had a chance to open my CQBY wagon pack yet or even get near opening up 4494 to put the decoder in! Hopefully over the next day or so, else there is always Wednesday at the club.