Sunday, September 27, 2009

Progress Continues

I know a few of the Tuesday Nighters check here every Sunday night and are waiting for me to falter on my promise of a weekly update, so lets give them something to wait at least another week for!

Yesterday, I was working around the second tunnel portal on the layout north of Grafton and finally completed the plastering in this area. This is the start of the Rocla Sleeper Siding the first industry north of Grafton. A few short trains can load sleepers here -both the wooden and concrete varieties. All the sleeper carrying wagons bar one wooden sleeper wagon in use here are scratch built. That is 5 wooden sleeper wagons and 8 concrete sleeper wagons. You will notice in the photo below that there is a tunnel at the start of the siding as well as the track is covered by paper towel. Well in reality there is not a tunnel in that area - but modeller's license allows me to put one in here to lengthen the track distance between the staging at Grafton Yard and the first crossing loop north at Rappville. Rappville can be seen on the small shelf just visible (middle right) in the photo below.

The first bit of scenery that I started on the layout many months ago also moved closer towards completion today as I added a bit of greenery to an otherwise brown base. As previously mentioned a farm goes in here along with a windmill and water tank. A few cows will also be seen grazing the paddocks near the road into the Rocla Sleeper siding.

After the initial coat of scenery, I have also placed the road overbridge back onto the layout and with a road crossing staright off the bridge over the top track, will allow access for the locals to the farm and to the Rocla Sleeper establishment. Of course road signs, fencing, lots of trees, weeds, long grass, and telegraph lines will eventually detail this area as well.


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