Sunday, September 20, 2009

Little by Little

The earlier part of the week was spent gathering the various issues of magazines that show photos and plans of the station buildings and signal boxes at Border Loop, Fairy Hill and The Risk. The Risk had a 10" Concrete Slab Pc3 building and a Signal Box. I think the Signal Box was made from fibro. Border Loop and Fairy Hill also had 10" Concrete Slab Signal boxes. Plans are under way to complete these buildings over the next month or so. The walls have been cut out already. I just need to cut the door and windows in and assemble them with a roof and base.

I also installed point control in both Border Loop and Fairy Hill Loop. I use the piano wire controlled connected to the point and actuated by the old fashion push pull mechanism. The Border Loop points are operated from one side of the base board only, while the Fairy Hill Loop opoints are operable from both sides of the baseboard. For these I use some Modratec components. They are just great. This manual operation is to mimic the operation by the train driver or his offsider when entering the un-attended loops as per the North Coast on weekends back in the era that I model.

(Above is a Photo of Fairy Hill Farm, backing onto Fairy Hill Loop. To the front right of the shed you can see the sophisicated point control lever sticking out of the baseboard. You will also note that this farmer is well off as he has a boat in his shed and a roll of wire next to the shed, ready for when he installs his fence. - I think he is waiting for a working bee - Notice that the seat is up in the Dunny! And there is no paper left!)

I also bit the bullet and installed a very small trestle bridge under the railway line between the Running Creek Tunnels. This involved a bit of cutting of the track base board away, plastering of the creek opening, installing a couple of wooden trestles that I had lying around and Voila - The bridge over Running Creek is complete.

(Above the photo showing the Trestle and the currently dry creek bed)

I also finished the base scenery at Border Loop, and the section between Border Loop, past Running Creek to the first of the Running Creek Tunnels. I still have hundred of hours of super detailing to go.

(Above a photo of Border Loop completed except for ballasting, buildings and hundreds of trees)
(Above a photo looking north of Running Creek to one of the Running Creek Tunnels. This area will have a camping area for the local naturalists enjoying the vibrant waters of the creek as well as a few mountain climbers and train spotters - or are they?)

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