Sunday, September 13, 2009

Man the Pumps, All hands on Deck!

At the Train Club on Saturday afternoon it was confirmed that the Club will be visiting my place on Saturday 14th November for an away meeting. This is rare now-a-days as we do have our own purpose built clubrooms. Hmmm! I might need to do a tidy up. I might just have enough time. While the members have been following my Cassino Capers article each month in the Club Magazine - The Semaphore, I don't think many really appreciate the extent of 'The Shed'.

I will continue to go full throttle trying to get a lot of basic scenery down. But I will try and complete a few areas to a further level of completeness before the meeting. These more complete areas will be Rocla Farm, the area between the Running Creek Tunnels and Fairy Hill Loop. If my work of this afternoon is also any yardstick, I might even finish Border Loop.

In preparation for the big event (the meeting at my place) on Thursday afternoon I got the artline whiteboard marker out and hit the track at Fairy Hill Loop. As this area is visible from both sides of the peninsular, I needed to do both sides of the rail. On friday afternoon I checked it out and the pen had dried and the once shiny rail is now well rusted.

I then thought that I might put a bit of ballast on the main line through Fairy Hill. On Saturday morning before heading to two hobby shops and a Dick Smiths' on the way to the club on the other side of Brisbane (actually it is in Moreton Bay Regional Council outside of Brisbane), I put down a bit of ballast in the loop.

Today I put down some on the siding as well. So far I'm quite happy with my efforts to complete Fairy Hill Loop. I also started to throw around a bit of the detail items to see what it might look like. I will actually build another house for this farm, but the farm shed, the water tanks, the outhouse with the door open and lid up, and the fences will all be keepers.

Fairy Hill Farm

Last Sunday I purchased a few items, (i.e. wire and thread to be used as fence wire around Fairy Hill Farm). Yesterday I picked up some styrene sheet to build the signal cabin at Fairy Hill Loop. So with the deadline set I will need to spend time every weekend of the remaining 8 available to complete the scheduled work. I might even have to clean the track in preparation of running a train or two. So its all hands on deck!

Border Loop with a touch of green!


  1. 14th November Craig, isn't that the day the Toosdy Niters are coming over as well? Will the annex be going up to fit us all in?

  2. Oh Bugger forgot one little thing, I was feeling like I was going to miss out on my Sunday update! Great to see you keeping up the commitment Craig. The greening really is looking good, can't wait to see it in the real!

  3. Geoff,

    Literally hop on your bike and come over!