Monday, August 8, 2016

RMCQ Strathpine Exhibition Photos

Well I finally got the photos uploaded from the weekend's Model Railway Exhibition at Strathpine in Brisbane.  A couple of layouts certainly took my fancy.  I hope you enjoy the few photos of these layouts.

Firstly there was a very nice British outline layout with some fantastic scenery.  Lots of flowering plants and of course a nice water feature.  I have no idea what its name was - sorry.

The other British outline layout that that amazed me was Keith Trueman's very nice EM scale layout.  Keith just does outstanding work.  This layout is called Lesney Park.

One of the best Australian outline layouts doing the rounds of exhibitions is Geoff Burn's Splitters Swamp Creek.  I just love this layout.  The bit that I love is I get to see it quite a few times a year at Geoff's place when we have Tuesday Nighter's meetings or a Friday modelling night.

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