Monday, July 4, 2016

Sunday Operating Session Update

So to continue on from yesterday’s post, we had 8 guys in attendance.  There were a few issues, but nothing terminal.  I have already gone through the various timetables cards and picked out the ones that the crew reported issues on.  These issues, could be that a coupler tang was hanging low when the train ran across a new section of sceniced track that had sleepers installed for a road crossing.  Or for some reason two wagons that had worked quite well over the last few running sessions kept uncoupling.  Maybe a spring has come adrift from a coupler?  So the offending wagons were identified, and I bet they were those troublesome Victorian wagons.  It would never happen to a NSW wagon.  I also have a dry joint to fix on the layout in the wiring so the section from Dutton Park to South Brisbane Interstate is now trouble free.

I made a slight change to one timetable card today allowing for two extra words of information as to what track to drop the wagons off on.  When there are two storage roads at Lismore, and the timetable card say "drop off 5 wagons on Storage Road", the timetable card actually needs more information on it like "drop of 5 wagons on No. 1 Storage Road".  So the timetable card has now been enhanced.  I've also identified the locations where some more in track magnets will be installed into the roadbed to assist handless uncoupling.

I’ve also made up a list of signs that need to be added to the various point control panels around the fascias, and a couple of signs for the layout.  So that will be actioned over the next week or so.

Luckily Mark was able to take a couple of photos during the session.  So they are included here for everyone’s enjoyment.

A view from the Bruxner Highway through to the Bonalbo Ballast Siding.  Here we see 8005 about to make up its train and head towards Old Cassino.

The north bound Brisbane Limited Express travels across the Cougal Spiral on its way towards South Brisbane Interstate Station.

A container train from Murwillumbah is about to cross the Richmond River just south of Cassino Station.  From this shot you can tell what time of the year it is with the Jacaranda trees in full bloom.

Having just left Border Loop heading south, the No. 6 Fruit Express is about to make its way across dry creek at the bottom of the Cougal Spiral.

A second picture of No. 6 Fruit express as it made its way southbound over the bottom dry bridge at Cougal Spiral.

What really goes on at the Operating Sessions.

Thanks to Mark for sharing these photos.


  1. Hi... I am from Toronto Canada and will be in Brisbane for just over a week starting July 28. Any chance I might be able to visit? Please advise and let me know how to contact you. Dave MacLean

  2. Dave,
    Please send me an email - ca55ino at bigpond dot net dot au