Sunday, July 17, 2016

Bits and Pieces

For something completely different I went along to an NMRA meeting down at the Logan District Model Railway Clubrooms on Saturday morning.  I met up with a few mates and had a good chat.  With nothing much happening, I wondered home after lunch, and I visited the shed and set to work adding ballast heaps to my styrene inserts I made last Sunday night for the Auscision ballast wagons.  These inserts are removable.  Today I added some steel washers underneath, and with the help of a magnet, I will be able to lift these easily out of the ballast wagons.  So the operations of my ballast train in the Operations Session will eventually include adding these inserts to the ballast wagons in the various ballast sidings (either Bonalbo or Nammoona) located on the layout.  Additionally, the trains which are due to spend some time within the various sections of the layout on their way back to Grafton Yard, are to have the loads removed bit by bit as the trains moves  between crossing loops.

I then set about adding some ballast covering over my polystyrene heaps within Nammoona Ballast Siding.  They turned out OK.

On Friday night, I made up a 12mm transition piece of track about 100mm long.  This piece of track transitions the 3rd rail, from the right hand side of the 16.5mm track to the left hand side of the track.  Amazingly it seems to work pretty well when I run a 12mm bogie through the track.

Today I tried to make a few more gates, but this time out of 1.2mm styrene that I bent up.  I also added the re-enforcing in the gate out of styrene.  I also added 2 x 12 foot gates to the southern end of the Lismore Shell oil siding.  I also finished adding the gates to the northern end of the Rocla Sleeper Siding.  I have still a few more gates to make up and paint.

During the week I received a message asking what the model was of my Australia Post Van on the layout.  I checked it out and it is a Rietz model made in Germany.  I have never heard of them before.  The van is actually a Ford Transit Van.

Apart from this I could not get motivated to do much on the layout this weekend.

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