Sunday, May 29, 2016

No Motivation Again!

I have not done much model railway related activities this weekend.  With soccer in the morning yesterday and followed up with another visit back to the fields in the afternoon to see the first XI and the first XV teams take on their opposition.  While Kyle won his soccer game in the morning (4-1), both first teams were outplayed.  There were a few ripper rugby scores from the weekend, 87-0 (my great nephew’s 5C team), 100-0 (in a year 9 game I think) and another in the 70’s to nil and I think there was a 12-0 soccer score as well, ands we took out the day’s aggregate between the schools in both football (10-2) and rugby (7-5) yesterday.  So with only two weeks left in the season, Kyle’s 6B team has only lost one game, so unless they get some miracle results, I don’t think they will win their premiership.
So today the day dawned with no Internet access.  So from around 6:00am until way after lunch we had no cable connection.  The kids were upset as one had to do some homework related activities online.  In Telstra's own stupid way, we currently have a tech scheduled to come out on Tuesday morning to look into their problem.  So that started to stuff my day, by trying to talk to some gumby who did not know when I said "I had no WAN access via my modem".  When I read the lights illuminated on the modem to him, he said, "Oh – you have no W-A-N connection".  So I then thought to myself  "Oh really, so that was the reason?  Good.  Dip$h1T!  No $h!t Sherlock!  I told you that as soon as I rang up." 

Apparently these help desk bozos cannot do anything but read from a script and follow the bouncing ball.  They do not understand the technology that they are supporting and until they systems tell them that XYZ is wrong through their own narrowing down procedures they can't be told what is wrong.  Where do they get these uneducated english as a second language speaking people from?  But this arvo after 4:00pm I noticed that my modem was back talking to the world.  Now I see that 5 hours after I logged a call this morning, that Telstra realised there was an issue in my locality.  Gee they are on the ball!  Can’t wait for a rebate on my bill. 
So when I did get down to the shed after lunch today, I started sorting out a number of globes that I have in my spare parts boxes.  These globes are out of a number of locos that I removed the existing lights from and replaced then with LEDs.  My son has a school assignment due in a couple of weeks that involves using globes, switches and electricity, so I thought I would give him my collection of 3V globes to use.  So he now has well over a dozen 3V globes.  If required I have about the same number of 12-18V globes as well.  I will have to teach him to solder the globes to the wire circuits.  That will be interesting!
After that I decided to do some small jobs on the layout, but couldn't get motivated to do any of the larger jobs on the layout.  So first off the list was to replace a Shinohara 3-way point with a Peco 3-way point within Grafton loco.  This will lengthen the three sidings by about 6 inches and allow an extra loco to comfortably into each of those sidings.  This job has been hanging around since early May when I bought the Peco point at the Brisbane Exhibition.  I then planted about another 6 trees around the Lismore station and siding area on my layout and also did a bit of detail work, by installing a kite stuck up in a tree in the same area.
I think this Friday is a modelling night at a local hobby shop, so I think I will be working on some detail items for installation in Border Loop and more items in some of the fettlers camps around the layout.  I will soon be starting work on the next building for Glenapp crossing Loop, as well as continuing work on a couple of milk containers.

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