Sunday, January 31, 2016

Park Road Goods Shed Part 2

This week I had the week off work because I could.  With Tuesday being a public holiday, I thought I would give myself a long weekend and with the kids going back to school on Thursday I went out for a coffee and muffin with the boss after dropping the youngest at school.  So I had a good day.  Most of the other time during the week was spent continuing working on Park Road Goods Shed.  Last week I had the 8 trusses completed.  This week I spent time joining them all up so the structure was free standing.  I added the various rear wall components, I added the main beams between the trusses and then I had to make some decisions.  Do I build all the ceiling detail to provide structural strength or do I leave it out?  I decided to put it in.  I then added the roof detail.  It is amazing that initially the whole structure was very flimsy until I start putting all this extra detail on as best I could based on all the plan shots I had to work from.  The structure certainly does stiffen up and now could almost withstand a scale cyclone.
I have been waiting for some dry weather before I give the frame an undercoat.  Following that I will do a final weathering of the frame.  I have cut some BGB corrugated card for the various walls and the roof, but I have not yet painted that either.  The weather in the later part of the week has been very wet, so whenever I thought I about doing any painting it was just too wet to go outside and do it. 
This weekend has been mostly spent taking my son to a cricket trial game all yesterday morning and another trial again this afternoon.  Friday afternoon I scanned about 200 photos and on Saturday afternoon I did about 312 photos.  These were some great photos of NSW North Coast and of Queensland on the near north coast and around the Central Queensland mines.  This arvo Paul dropped in to pick up his last photo album and the tray of 312 loose photos.  Crikey!  That is a long job to scan that many photos over a few days.
So I did take a few photos of the Park Road Goods Shed to share here.
Three quarter view

Ground level view

Showing the top down view

Side view

Rear view of the end wall

Closer up shot of the rear wall

The rear of the overall shed

A semi front view of the shed

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