Sunday, January 10, 2016

Building and Planning

Following Tuesday Nights get together with the crew building a new display layout for Brisbane this year (aka Project X), I was enthused into building a model of one of the Park Road Siding’s Good Sheds.  I knew I had a photo (or two) somewhere, I just needed to find them.  Well I found one in an article on the South Brisbane Shunt in the Australian Railway History.  But I thought I had more, but I could not find them.  Daren advised on Friday night that he also thought he had some photos of the Park Road shed, but he could also not find where he had put them.  Today I went down to the shed, to investigate where I could install this shed on the layout.  Unfortunately My baseboard setup for Park Road Sidings is very narrow.  

Well that is easily fixed, by adding a few inches to the baseboards.  So I did that today and relayed the track.  However, I still need to re attach the power connections to my siding No.1.  That will be a job for potentially this week sometime.

This afternoon I have spent some time scaling the various photos I have with known dimensions and estimating how big I need to make my shed.  So I have some starting estimates that I will use, until I can find some more definite figures from closer photos.  I am also just making up what was inside the shed.  Was there a platform and a ramp for forklifts?  Was there nothing in this shed?  Were there only platforms in the other sheds at this location.  My memory does not go back over 20 years when I last saw this site.  I'm also after details of what the various frames in the shed were, how they were built etc.  So if anyone has photos or details I'm happy to receive them. 

Continued construction occurred on Friday afternoon on my Murwillumbah Cement Silo.  I installed the roller doors at either end of the complex so that they can be left in the opened or closed position.  You just push them up and they will stay in that position.  I also finished attaching the ladders to the top of the silo.  My next task is to make a base for this model to be installed onto so it can be easy fitted and removed from the layout.  I will then be able to add the detail components to the front of the cement complex - where the various hoses were attached to empty the cement wagons.  I can then add a fence all the way around the base.  I think I will also need to add some gates and also build the site office.  But they will be tasks for other times.

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