Saturday, September 19, 2015

Tuesday Nighters this Week

On Tuesday night this week we visited Bob’s place and had the pleasure of seeing the Wacol layout one last time.  This layout is fantastic.  It is inside an old QR wagon - BLV514.  The passenger end is meticulously restored, with working toilet and a hidden fridge.  The van end contains the layout.  I was able to take a few photos while the Tuesday Nighters watched in mesmerisation at the detail portrayed on this layout and how well it runs.
The layout is simple DC Control and has lots of added features – like a “Stand Clear - Doors Closing” announcement, working boom gates, a local grass fire with smoke, flames and a wire engine putting out the fire, a flashing pantograph as a train runs under the wires, a train w..ker sorry photographer photographing the trains, a welder and an advancing thunder storm with lightning.

The detail of the overhead just has to be seen to be believed.

It will be a shame should this layout get pulled down.

An artist capturing the scenery.

Roadworks in progress.

The welder working on the equipment.

The train photographer.

The gates going down, there must be a train approaching.

The sheds.

The workers.  One has put his hat down on the ground to do something.

The gates down and a great shot of the station area.

A work compound.

The creek at the end of the Yard.

The cattle yards.

An electrical substation.

The other end of the yards.

The rail motor sidings.

An old QR loco.

The workers camp train.

The detail on the post.

A shot of the overhead and a few trees in October.

The local fireries have the grass fire under control.

Geoff videoing some trains while a ghost in the distance is captured.

Fantastic Overhead detail.

The other end of the carriage.  I dare not show the photos looking to the left through the windows as the calendar on display shows too much detail.  Miss September was a corker!

Some of the mesmerized onlookers captured.


  1. Like you describe,a superb layout with the overhead wiring and all the detail

  2. Craig,
    I agree .. some awesome pics of an even more awesome layout. Thanks so much for sharing ...

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  4. LOL - ghost in the distance! Verywell captured.